What is the Reserve Enlisted Corps?

The Reserve Enlisted Training
Corps (RETC) is a military-style
cadet program for young people
ages 10-18 who are interested in
developing their skills in
Leadership, Honor, Discipline,
Ethical Values and Life Skills.

What is the main purpose of cadet

Cadet units are organized along
military lines. Their main purpose
is to develop good citizenship and
interest in the military.

What do cadets learn?

Cadets study a broad range of
subjects. Some are designed to
help them become better citizens
and responsible adults. They also
study military history, basic
military protocol from the Army,
Navy, Air Force, and Marines. This
will be very helpful in case they
decide to join the armed forces
later on.
Who instructs cadets?

Cadets are instructed by active
duty, reserve & retired military
personnel, senior Cadets and
dedicated adult (21 and older)
volunteers who make up the
RETC Officer Corps.

Do Cadets Wear Uniforms?

Cadets are authorized by the
Secretary of Defense to wear
military enlisted uniforms
appropriately marked with RETC
patches and insignias. Cadets can
purchase uniform items from
Military Exchange Uniform Shop
on most military installations.

Will Cadets be required to join
the Armed Forces?

Cadets have no commitment to
join the military after graduation
from the RETC program. The
Cadets who choose to enlist in
the military will have a good
opportunity to receive an
advanced pay grade. Also, the
training can be a valuable asset
when they attend military
academies and ROTCs at some

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