What is the Reserve Enlisted Corps?

The Reserve Enlisted Training Corps (RETC) is a military-style cadet program for young people ages 10-18 who are interested in developing their skills in Leadership, Honor, Discipline, Ethics and Life Skills.

What is the main purpose of cadet training?

RETC offers a structured after school program that will allow our youth to get exposure different branches of the military. Through this experience, we hope to educate cadets and prepare them for a life in the military or at the very least, help them decide if the life in the military is a direction they want to take.

What do cadets learn?

Cadets study a broad range of subjects such as Drill and Ceremony, Customs and Courtesies, Firearm Safety, Military Tactics and more. Some lessons are designed to help them become better citizens and responsible adults. They also study military history, basic military protocol from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps.

Who instructs cadets?

Cadets are instructed by active duty, reserve & retired military personnel, senior cadets and dedicated adult (21 and older) volunteers who make up the RETC Officer Corps. As an Explorer unit with the Scouts, all of our cadre have background checks and Youth Protection training regularly.

Do Cadets Wear Uniforms?

Yes. Cadets have a utility uniform and a field uniform.

Will Cadets be required to join the Armed Forces?

Cadets have no commitment to join the military after participating in the RETC program. The Cadets who choose to enlist in the military will have exposure an education and preparation in what to expect as an American Soldier, Airman, or Sailor. Also, the training can be a valuable asset when they attend military academies or ROTCs at colleges.